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Welcome to the Rebellion on Mars!

The year is 2071 CE.

Driven by the will of a corporation-owned world government, humanity is struggling to deal with the impact of global climate change and ever-increasing wealth inequity even as colonies are being built on Luna and on Mars.

Extreme weather caused by climate change and economic upheaval caused by automation have reduced much of the population to life as unemployed refugees living on public benefits. Teens for most families have few options to work and gain independence from their families.

A visionary billionaire's mission to colonize Mars is continuing its struggle to terraform the planet into marketable real estate owned by Mars Inc. The terraforming project is badly off track, and the quasi-governmental corporation Mars Inc. is desperately in need of workers for high risk work on the Martian surface.

One of the few options that teens have is to sign up for a high risk one month contract with Mars Inc. They are shipped to Mars and sent out to prospect in search of ice deposits. The work is grueling, and they work alone unprotected from solar radiation and the effects of reduced gravity on their bodies. A few of them strike ice and become wealthy, but when their contracts run out after a month, they must either pay for a return trip to Earth or become vagrants who are preyed upon by law enforcement bots.

Luna has become a haven for the ultra rich living in caverns cut deep below its surface safe from populist rioting and pandemics. Their servants and a small community of scientists live in domes, exposed to the high solar radiation levels.

Something has to give!

Copies of the stories in progress in the Story Wars group before Rebellion on Mars story development moved to Story Bat are available here. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, these stories follow the rising unrest sparked by a blonde Alaskan temp on Mars, by the scion of an ultra elite Lunar family, and by an astrophysicist from Detroit.

Oh, and some no-shit-for-real Martians, an incompetent ramen cook, a stealth interplanetary taxi, an interplanetary music genre, and a misplaced nuclear bomb ....

Persons who find respectful and non-graphic discussion of genderfluid relationships offensive may wish to read elsewhere, as many of these stories assume that binary social norms will have yielded to more diverse relationships by the middle of the 21st Century.

Enjoy, and please do contribute!

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Some Notes On How This Happened

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