Mars Inc.

From Rebellion on Mars
Mars Inc.
CEO Joseph Garrett
HQ Doha
Employees On Mars:
- 8,250 permanent
- Thousands temporary
On Earth:
- Unknown

Mars Incorporated, almost always refered to as Mars Inc., is perhaps the single most powerful corporate entity ever seen. The comparison most often made is to the British East India Company, a company that ran India for about half a century. The two have a lot in common, along with both control powerful private armies (while the EICs was bigger in terms of personnel it didn't have access to nuclear weapons), they are both projects in colonisation where one end is an established government influenced by the company which the other is a freshly established organisation under the company's total control.

In spite of this, Mars Inc. has remarkably few employees: roughly 8,250 permenant on Mars along with several thousand more under the 'Teen Temp' program and its Earth-based staff.[1] It is run by on Mars by a council headed by chairman[2] and CEO Joseph Garrett who is either a visionary[1] or a madman depending on who you ask. It's Mars based security forces are operated by Security Officer, Mr. Anderson.[3] It's headquaters on Earth are in Doha.[1]

Most major startups like to 'move fast and break things' and Mars Inc. is no exception. Some of its finer moments include the incompetent supply operation that lead to the death of 90% of the original colonists,[1] abandoning atleast 20,000 temporary workers on the Martian surface and then killing 57 of them when they protested[2] along with losing a small nuclear weapon somewhere on mars.[4]

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